Our Services

Protecting your home and business should be your #1 priority. Improve the safety while increasing the property value of your home in New Jersey. Captain’s Tree Service removes dangerous trees, grinds tree stumps, and clears land for driveways and sidewalks to remodel the look of your residential or commercial property. We have a team of specialist trained to handle all sorts of jobs, small or large. With affordable rates and dependable services, it’s hard not to depend on us. Our comprehensive services include:
We provide a thorough clean-up of debris and strive to minimize the impact to surrounding vegetation. Our expert climbers handle the removal of any size and quantity of trees by climbing with rope and saddle, or using a bucket truck when necessary. We remove all wood and debris either by chipping on site or hauling away. Although tree removal is a last resort, there are circumstances when it is necessary to take down a tree completely.
We operate 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and can handle any tree related emergency issue. Contact us any time of the day or night for emergency tree cutting services. We’ll dispatch a one of our experts to help you with any tree service you may require. Get in touch with us today.